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2014 BLISS AND WISDOM U.S. LIFE CAMP    8/29, Friday, 2pm – 9/1, Monday, 4pm

Welcome from the Bliss and Wisdom Young Adults (BWYA)!

Our yearly Labor Day weekend camp is specially designed for college students and young professionals of age 35 and under. The camp is a rejuvenation station for college students and young adults to realize and develop a side of them that they have not yet discovered. It will also help campers to re-evaluate the values in life and to give a better direction in life. The campers experience a unique opportunity where everyone is able to share and exchange ideas in a safe environment. The camp will also host educational sessions to empower the leader inside of each person to become the master of our own happiness and to improve the relationship with others. These workshops help discover what is most important in life, and to use this knowledge and our inherent talents to increase our productivity and meaning of life.  It is also a great opportunity to make lasting friendships.  Watch our past participants’ sharing below and we sincerely hope that you will be joining us this year!

TOPICS: New Perspectives in Life, Harmonious Relationships, Appreciation, Compassionate Living, the Truths in Our Daily Lives, Inspirational Life Models

Activities: Workshops, Skit Performances, Music and Songs, Educational Films, Soulful Conversations, Panels, Group Discussions


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Volunteer Training!

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Camp MTV & Gallery

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Thoughts After Camp

    『最深刻的是第一天的青春歲月,因為它真實呈現了我不願面對的真相──我不太知道活著要做什麼,於是在幾天,我一直不斷思考,我究竟要什麼,在尋找什麼?』 The most memorable moment was the skit “My College Years” on the first day because it...